Brad Linnell - State Farm Insurance Agent Medford Reviews

Brad Linnell – State Farm Insurance Agent Medford Reviews

Not only have Friends from the Medford area likely come across the name Brad Linnell – State Farm Insurance Agent, but many other state audiences know this man and his incredible services very well.

Brad Linnell is well-known due to his working strategies in the world of insurance, especially Farm insurance services. You can have this agent in Auto, Motorcycle, Homeowners, Condo, renters, and Business insurance.

I have taken the Auto insurance from the office of this man, and you guys won’t believe the packages they offer are amazing and the security level of Brad Linnell’s is worth saying. Let me enlighten them for the ease of you guys!

Who’s Brad Linnell and What Is Its Purpose? – In Case You Don’t Know!

Brad Linnell is a highly experienced State Farm Insurance Agent based in Medford. His core mission is to offer a wide range of insurance options that suit the unique needs of individuals and families in the Medford community.

Who's Brad Linnell and What Is Its Purpose?
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He stands out due to his commitment to providing the best possible coverage for his clients. Brad understands that every client’s situation is unique.

He ensures that each client receives a tailored insurance solution that perfectly matches their needs. This personalized approach sets Brad Linnell apart as a trusted insurance professional in Medford.

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How Many Types of Insurance Does Brad Linnell Support? – Check The List!

1. Auto Insurance:

One of the main insurance that they cover is Auto insurance which has a vital aspect of ensuring your peace of mind on the road.

It’s designed to protect your vehicles and provide coverage in case of accidents or damages. Brad Linnell, as your trusted State Farm Insurance Agent, offers a variety of auto insurance options that go above and beyond to safeguard your driving experience.

I had the privilege of securing my auto insurance through Brad Linnell, and I can’t emphasize enough how excellent my experience was.

Auto Insurance:
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When it comes to protecting your vehicle, having an insurance agent who truly understands your needs can make all the difference.

I experienced this commitment firsthand when I needed to file a claim after a minor accident. The process was straightforward and efficient, and I received prompt assistance, making a stressful situation significantly more manageable.

So, if you’re seeking auto insurance that not only meets legal requirements but also provides comprehensive protection and excellent customer service, Brad Linnell is the name you can trust. Your vehicle, your safety, and your peace of mind are in good hands with Brad and his team.

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2. You Can Also Have “Home Insurance”:

Home insurance is all about safeguarding your home and possessions from unexpected incidents. Whether it’s damage due to natural disasters, theft, or liability coverage in case someone is injured on your property, Brad Linnell’s home insurance options provide peace of mind for homeowners.

You Can Also Have “Home Insurance”:
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Your home is likely one of your most significant investments, and home insurance ensures that investment is protected.

3. Life Insurance:

Another thing to which you can pay attention is the “Life insurance” which is an important financial tool that provides for your loved ones in the event of your passing.

Brad Linnell offers various life insurance policies, including term life, whole life, and universal life insurance.

These policies can help replace lost income, cover funeral expenses, pay off debts, and secure your family’s financial future when you’re no longer able to provide for them.

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4. Health Insurance Is Also Available:

Health insurance ensures that you have access to quality healthcare services when you need them. Brad Linnell’s health insurance options can cover doctor’s visits, hospital stays, prescription medications, and more. Having health insurance is essential for staying protected from the high costs of medical care.

Health Insurance Is Also Available:
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5. Business Insurance:

For business owners, protecting your assets and operations is crucial. Brad Linnell’s business insurance options include coverage for property, liability, and even specialized policies for different types of businesses.
This insurance helps you navigate unforeseen challenges and risks that businesses often encounter.

6. Last But Most Important One, Property Insurance:

Here comes the last service of Brad Linnell; Property insurance is essential for individuals who own real estate investments.

This type of insurance can cover various properties, from rental homes to commercial real estate. Brad Linnell’s property insurance options offer protection against property damage, liability claims, and other risks associated with property ownership.

Here’s the link to the Official page of State Farm from Brad Linneell, and check how they are helping the audience get the right plan according to their budget and requirements.

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What’s My Opinion About Brad Linnell – State Farm Insurance Agent?

As I mentioned earlier, I have taken their Auto insurance, I had the privilege of experiencing Brad Linnell’s auto insurance services, and I can confidently say it was an incredible experience.

Literally, From the moment I reached out, I was met with professionalism, courtesy, and a genuine desire to understand my insurance needs. Then Brad Linnell and his team took the time to tailor a policy that met my specific requirements, ensuring that I had the coverage I needed without paying for unnecessary extras.

What's My Opinion About Brad Linnell - State Farm Insurance Agent?
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Also, The claims process was equally hassle-free. When I encountered a minor accident, Brad Linnell’s team guided me through the claims procedure, and I received prompt assistance, making the entire process stress-free. That was my experience, And I’m free to give them 5Starts. Now it’s your turn!

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What Will You Have With the Services of Brad Linnell? – Let’s Take A Deep Analysis!

  • Personalized service that caters to your unique needs.
  • Comprehensive coverage options for various aspects of your life.
  • Access to a knowledgeable and friendly team that is always ready to assist.
  • Competitive rates and valuable policy features.
  • A hassle-free claims process that eases the burden during challenging times.

When Is Brad Linnell – State Farm Insurance Agent Open?

Knowing when Brad Linnell’s office is open is essential for clients’ convenience and accessibility. His office typically operates during standard business hours, providing ample opportunity for clients to reach out for insurance inquiries, support, or consultations.

Basically, the opening and closing of the State Farm is the 8.30 am to 5.30 am. The standard business hours offer flexibility, making it easier for individuals to visit the office, schedule appointments, or make phone inquiries during their busy workdays.

When Is Brad Linnell
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Brad and his team understand the importance of being available when clients need them the most. However, it’s essential to note that specific office hours may be subject to change due to various factors such as holidays, special events, or unforeseen circumstances.

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Details About Brad Linnell’s Insurance Office – Check this table!

Office Location1325 Center Dr Ste 102
Medford, OR 97501
Between South Medford Fred Meyer and Walmart.
Phone Number(541) 535-5505
Office Hours (PST)Monday- Friday 8:30am-5:30pm

How Many Members Does Brad Linnell Have? – Next-Level Team He Has!

Brad Linnell’s dedicated team includes several members who work tirelessly to assist clients. Some key team members include:

Nicole Quall: Nicole is a dedicated member of Brad Linnell’s team, known for her expertise in insurance and her commitment to providing top-notch service to clients.

Sarah Elmore: Another great member they have is Sarah brings her experience and a friendly approach to the team, helping clients navigate their insurance needs with ease and assurance.

Amy Stout: Amy is a valuable team member who contributes to Brad Linnell’s commitment to personalized insurance solutions and exceptional customer support.

Sharon Dufek: Lastly, Sharon is a key member of Brad Linnell’s team, playing a crucial role in delivering quality insurance services and addressing clients’ needs efficiently.

These individuals contribute their expertise and dedication to providing top-notch insurance services.

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How to Contact Brad Linnell? – Posibilities Here!

Getting in touch with Brad Linnell is easy. You can reach out through theeasyan dimple methods
Like, you can reach him via phone at (555) 555-5555 or by Email at

How to Contact Brad Linnell? - Posibilities Here!
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You can also approach him through his Facebook account, and LinkedIn profile.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I request a quote from Brad Linnell?

Requesting a quote is simple. You can either call the office or visit the website to submit your request.

2. Are there discounts available for bundled insurance policies?

Yes! Brad Linnell often offers discounts for bundling multiple insurance policies, helping you save on your coverage.

3. What sets Brad Linnell apart from other insurance agents in Medford?

Brad Linnell’s personalized service, diverse coverage options, and friendly team make him a standout choice for insurance in Medford.


In nutshell,

Brad Linnell – State Farm Insurance Agent in Medford offers a wide range of insurance services including auto insurance, home insurance, Renters insurance, Condo, Homeowners, Motorcycle, and Business insurance.

With competitive rates, personalized attention, and a hassle-free claims process, Brad Linnell is an excellent choice for securing your future.

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