Fotyomaç – Play Now And Conquer The Game!

If you love strategy games and want a unique challenge, Fotyomaç is the answer. Born in Turkey, this board game blends chess and backgammon for a one-of-a-kind, exciting experience.

Fotyoma is a game from Turkey that two people can play. It’s a thinking game played on a 4×4 board. You use black and white pieces, and each player has eight pieces. The goal is to capture the other player’s pieces and prevent them from moving further.

Let’s explore Fotyomaç together in this article! We will dive into the ways to play it, the clever tricks, and the sheer joy it brings to the players and spectators.

Fotyomaç Simple Rules And  – Let The Fotyomaç Excitement Begin!

How to Play:

In Fotyomaç, players take turns putting pieces on a square board. The goal is to make as many rows or columns of the same color as possible. You can play it with two, three, and four players.

Getting Started:

Each player picks a color at the beginning. Then, players take turns putting their pieces on the board, one at a time. You can set your piece in any empty spot on the board. The primary player to put all of their pieces on the board wins.

How to Win:

You can also win by making a whole row or column of pieces in your color. For instance, you win in the event that you have three blue pieces in succession. The game is a draw on the off chance that the board is finished and nobody has succeeded.

Fotyomaç Simple Rules And
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Winning Tips For Fotyomaç – Start up Your Triumphant Excursion Now!

When you play Fotyomaç, some easy strategies can help you win. First, be patient. Take your time to think about your moves and choose the best way to play.

Use the game’s special rules to your advantage. You can decide when to move your pieces, so plan and set up tricks for your opponent.

Always think about what’s coming next. Predict what your opponent might do, and you’ll be ready to beat them.

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How Pieces Move In Fotyomaç? –Where Every Move Counts And Victory Awaits!

Fotyomaç is a game for two players on an 8×8 board. You can play with a regular chess set or unique Fotyomaç pieces. Each player has 16 pieces of black or white.


The aim is to capture the opponent’s king. You win by checkmating their king or taking all their pieces.

Start of the Game:

Blacks move first. Players alternate, taking one action for each turn.

Piece Movement:

  • Move pieces one space at a time in any direction.
  • Use a special move called “fotyomaç” to move a piece two spaces in any direction, avoiding landing on your piece.

Fotyomaç Moves:

  • Black can fotyomaç with any piece except the king.
  • White can fotyomaç with any piece except the king and queen.

Special Pieces:

  • Queen: Most powerful, moves in any direction, including diagonally. It can also be fotyomaç.
  • King: Second most potent, moves in any direction except diagonally. No fotyomaç.
  • Rook: Moves horizontally or vertically. No fotyomaç.
  • Bishop: Moves diagonally. No fotyomaç.
How Pieces Move In Fotyomaç
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Winning and Draws:

Win by checkmating the opponent’s king or capturing all their pieces. Draw if the player needs more pieces for a checkmate or if the same position happens three times.

Different Ways to Play Fotyomaç –Let’s Spice It Up!

Variation 1: Two Players

Instead of four players, you can play Fotyomaç with just two players. Each player controls two pieces instead of one. It adds more challenge and fun.

Variation 2: Three Players

Try playing with three players. Each player controls just one piece. It brings in some randomness and makes the game more interesting.

Variation 3
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Variation 3: Four Players, One Piece Each

All four players are in this version, but each player controls only one piece. It’s a fast and exciting game, perfect for testing your strategic skills.

Experiment with these variations and find the one that adds the most excitement to your Fotyomaç experience!


Fotyomaç is an excellent game for people who love thinking and planning, no matter how old you are. It’s super fun and gives you many chances to use your brain. If you want something cool to play or just some good old fun, Fotyomaç is the way to go. 

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